Seamless functionality from Hettich

Blaupunkt’s range of built-in hoods, hobs, microwaves, ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators are now marketed by Hettich.

Gone are the days when placing as many cupboards and drawers in the kitchen was the best storage solution. Hettich pull-outs, lift-ups, pre-fabricated wire baskets, organiser trays, and corner carousels have changed not only the way one stores things in the kitchen but also the way it looks.

Built around modularity, coupled with contemporary designs, Cargo wire solutions from Hettich can come to one’s rescue and transform any piece of furniture into an efficient storage solution.

Hettich AvanTech You drawer systems, with thousands of internal organiser options, and Cube Plus shelving system, with different modules, impart one’s signature style and functionality.

Kitchen solutions such as larder units, bottle pull-outs and corner solutions enable one to use every inch of space in the kitchen effectively.

While it is relatively simple to incorporate modular kitchen units in accordance with the rest of the interior design, kitchen appliances are a whole different story. It is often difficult to match the stark white or dull grey of white goods with the rest of the kitchen.

This too is beginning to change with the advent of built-in appliances that are designed into kitchen cabinetry or walls, providing a seamless, integrated look for modern kitchens.

Blaupunkt’s range of built-in kitchen appliances marketed by Hettich comprises hoods, hobs, microwaves, ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators and more. These appliances, made with cutting-edge German technology, provide the right blend of functionality and aesthetics to power new-age kitchens.



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