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With the rapid economic growth in many sectors in India, as well as improved standards of living, has come a need for quality business publishing of an international caliber. PDA Trade Media, is meeting that need with India's leading B2B publications in an ever-expanding group of niche industries. PDA Trade Media produces customized publications for trade events.It also creates complete marketing concepts and packages for companies wishing to expand their export markets.

PDA Trade Media – Making it happen for you, your company and your people. After all, it is people that matter the most.

WoodNews is India's premier magazine in the woodworking sector, having been continuously published for
33 years. It is the only woodworking magazine from India recognised by the International Woodworking and Furniture Supplier Magazines’ Association (AFSM). Each of the 26 select magazines on the AFSM list is published by the most esteemed institutions of their respective countries. It is a bi-monthly title and is a must-read publication for those involved in wood-based industries, including furniture manufacturing, panels, construction, architecture and interior design.