Hettich’s Magic Lights is a design philosophy

Hettich, a pioneer in innovative furniture fittings solutions, introduced its Magic Lights range – a collection that not only illuminates spaces but also transforms them into captivating environments.

The Linear series represents a marriage of form and function, boasting a sleek and minimalist design perfectly suited for modern interiors. Whether installed as under-cabinet lighting in kitchens or to accentuate the contours of wardrobes, linear lighting offers a clean and unobtrusive solution.

Its versatility becomes evident in kitchen workspaces where shadows can impede efficiency, the Magic Lights Linear series provides uniform illumination, ensuring every nook and cranny is well-lit. Moreover, within wardrobes, linear lighting not only facilitates easier item location but also adds a touch of sophistication to the interior.

Spotlighting, another feature of the Magic Lights range, offers precise illumination that can accentuate specific areas or objects within a space. In living rooms, strategically placed spotlights can draw attention to artworks, accent pieces, or architectural elements, thus adding character to the room.

The Magic Lights Spot series empowering users to craft focal points and set desired atmospheres. This series features both wide and narrow beam spot lighting solutions, with the side spot being particularly noteworthy for its ability to mount effortlessly on vertical panels, emitting a slanting light beam for a distinctive effect.

The Special series further showcases the brand’s dedication to pioneering lighting solutions. Within this range, innovations such as HandleLine seamlessly integrate handles with linear lighting, offering a unique experience that blends functionality with aesthetics.

Additionally, special lights with integrated motion sensors, discreetly placed under drawers and within wardrobe closets, ensure illumination precisely when needed, further enhancing user convenience. These specialized features redefine the concept of lighting, transforming it from mere functionality into a defining aspect of interior design.

What sets the Magic Lights range apart is its inherent flexibility, allowing users to customize the intensity, colour and positioning of lights to suit their preferences and specific requirements.



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