Ebco to showcase the latest in LED lights

Kitchen illuminated using Ebco’s LED lights

Ebco, a leading manufacturing company, provides you with the best hardware solutions for furniture. It produces a wide range of superior quality, non-glaring, high colour rendering LED lights and its accessories designed for your furniture. These LED furniture lights are low profile with 24V input ensuring consistent brightness and hassle-free installation with plug-and-play.

LED light sources have several advantages over traditional lamps. They have very high efficiency and durability, resulting in savings in terms of maintenance, lamp replacement and energy consumption.

LEDs come in various sizes, wattages and flexible shapes, enabling them to suit even the most intricate designs and decorative needs. The LED light source emits different shades of light with superior colour rendering, all while producing minimal heat and UV rays.

To optimise usability and functionality, furniture requires lighting with low power consumption and minimal heat generation to prevent damage to the furniture and the items displayed within it. The light design should be compact and minimal, with a sleek appearance and compatible with the board thickness of the furniture.

In addition to these physical considerations, the aesthetic compatibility of the lighting with the furniture as a whole should also be taken into account. The lighting should subtly accentuate displayed products or complement the illumination of the surrounding space, while seamlessly blending with the furniture.

Furniture lights also serve practical purposes as well as it can help illuminate the contents, making it easier to find and access items. Lights in drawers or closets can also increase visibility and improve safety by reducing the risk of accidents.

The right choice between a spotlight or a linear light is of thoughtful consideration to fully meet the purpose of selecting the light for your furniture. If it is to highlight a specific object or area in a cabinet, then spotlight is a better alternative as it can precisely direct light.

However, if the purpose is to provide general illumination or create seamless and uniform lighting, a linear light might be more appropriate. Spotlights can add a dramatic effect due to shape while linear lights offer a sleek and modern look as they work well for irregular contours and shapes due to their flexibility of mounting. Conversely, linear lights can be customised to fit the dimensions of the furniture, ensuring optimal coverage.

Ebco LED lights are also tested for an impressive lifespan of 30,000 working hours with various options including surface mount, recessed mount, spot, linear, etc. to suit your furniture design.

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