Felder India launches two new machines

Austria-based Felder group is one of the world’s leading mechanical engineering and technology companies in the field of wood and composite material processing. WoodNews spoke with Krutik Mistry, Director at Felder Group India. Excerpts:

The Felder stall is attracting eyeballs because of its well-planned layout. Could you provide insights into its design?

This year, we’ve taken a strategic approach to our stand layout, dividing it into two distinct zones to maximise customer engagement and understanding. In the presentation area, customers are invited to immerse themselves in the world of woodworking machinery.

Here, the static display of our machines allows visitors to touch, feel, and gain a comprehensive understanding of their features and functionalities. From the smooth glide of a panel saw to the precision of an edge bander, visitors can explore the inner workings of each machine up close, empowering them to make informed decisions about their woodworking needs.

On the opposite side of the stand, we’ve created a dynamic demonstration area. This space is designed to showcase the practical output of our machines in action. Visitors can witness first hand the efficiency and precision of our woodworking solutions as they observe the machines in operation, producing high-quality results in real-time.

Whether it’s the seamless edge banding of a CNC machine or the intricate detailing of a moulding machine, the demonstration area offers a compelling glimpse into the capabilities of our products.

From the initial cutting of a panel saw to the finishing touches provided by a multi-boring machine, this section of the stand offers a comprehensive overview of the woodworking process, making it ideal for newcomers to the industry.

In addition to our production and CNC lines, we’ve dedicated space to showcase our range of solid wood processing equipment. From band saws to planer thicknessers, this section of the stand highlights the versatility and precision of our machines when working with solid wood materials.

Could you share details about the new machines launched during the exhibition?

We’re excited to announce the launch of two new machines at this year’s exhibition. The first is our 800 Series edge bander, featuring multi-radius streaming technology that delivers precise and consistent edge banding results. This innovative machine has already generated a lot of buzz among visitors, thanks to its advanced features and capabilities.

The second machine, the Format-4 Profit H80, is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in woodworking machinery. With Mr. Felder himself present for the inauguration, this new machine represents the latest advancements in woodworking technology, setting a new standard for quality and performance in the industry.

How does Felder incorporate ‘Industry 4.0’ and IoT into its solutions?

Integration of ‘Industry 4.0’ and IoT capabilities into our machines allows our customers to benefit from enhanced connectivity and control, enabling them to optimise their production processes and improve efficiency.

From the latest technological innovations to the essential tools and equipment needed for woodworking production, our stand provides visitors with a wealth of information and inspiration to fuel their woodworking endeavors.



At IndiaWood 2024, Felder India set new benchmarks in the woodworking industry with the largest exhibition space among European companies and a stunning display of over 40 machines, power tools, and dust collectors while featuring groundbreaking product launches.

A star attraction was the H80 with automatic loading and unloading. This CNC all-rounder, designed for universal application, promises top precision and remarkable productivity across various materials.

With its compact design and 15-tool slot configuration, the H80 offers maximum flexibility and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for professional nesting applications. Moreover, its smart zoning vacuum control ensures precise positioning and processing of individual workpieces, setting a new standard in CNC machining.



The Tempora F800 edge bander showcased Felder India’s dedication to elevating finishing standards. Engineered for speed, productivity, and user comfort, the machine delivers impeccable results when processing both coiled and strip materials.

With solid edge processing aggregates and a stable machine chassis, it guarantees absolute stability even at maximum speed. Additionally, its user-friendly control options and configurable operating programs enable quick adjustments, ensuring efficiency and precision in edge banding processes.



The Hammer HNC with laser, a CNC portal milling machine offers exceptional precision and repeatability on a compact surface. With its powerful moulder spindle, precise linear guides, and efficient stepper motors, it ensures high-quality results for every application and empowers users with Austrian engineering quality and unparalleled performance.

In addition to showcasing innovative products, Felder India has brought Mafell power tools to India, further enriching their product offerings. With three experience centres in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Noida, it continues to provide unparalleled support and service to customers across the country. 



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