IKEA launches office furniture range

IKEA has been reimagining the evolved needs of businesses and how furniture can contribute to better productivity and efficiency at work. The pandemic accelerated hybrid workspaces, where IKEA saw a big opportunity to create something that is unique to both businesses and remote workspaces.

IKEA has introduced its largest office collection to date, Mittzon. From adjustable desks to sound-proof screens, the new collection of 56 products comprises of first-to-market innovative solutions and unique styles tailored to address the challenges and aspirations of today’s workforce.

Mittzon integrates functionality and aesthetics with holistic ergonomic design principles that prioritise wellbeing at work. The collection includes high-level acoustic screens that absorb and block sound, prevent visual distractions, and provide privacy for focused work.

Mittzon incorporates biophilic design elements, such as nature-inspired shapes, colours and materials. The collection is designed to be durable and long-lasting, with modular, repairable, and refurbished components.

It also features high-quality materials like fade-resistant wood veneer and high-strength steel, backed by a 10-year warrantee, aligning with IKEA’s commitment to sustainability and circular product design.

Mittzon, which means “midfield” in Swedish, symbolises a central meeting point where functionality, comfort, and sustainability come together. The collection is now available online, on the app, and in IKEA stores in India.



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