Katana sawblades slash cutting costs

In conventional machining, we face problems such as raw material wastage, increased energy consumption, increased cycle time, uncontrollable noise levels, etc. CNC routers are typically equipped with milling bits for cutting through materials.

However, these bits can generate considerable waste due to their thicker kerf (the width of the material removed during cutting). Sawblades produce thinner kerfs, resulting in reduced material wastage, translating into significant savings in raw material.

When used on CNC routers, sawblades can significantly reduce cutting times compared to traditional milling bits, boosting productivity and reducing machine downtime.

Occupational safety standards often recommend that noise levels in industrial settings should not exceed 85 decibels. During conventional CNC routing application, the noise level might exceed 85dB and pose a risk to hearing health.

Leitz has developed a solution for many machining problems: use of its circular sawblades ‘Katana’ on CNC machines. These sawblades can size chipboard and fibre materials (paper or plastic coated, veneer), glue-laminated boards and solid wood.

It is suitable for various applications (e. g. cross machining and mitre cutting) and usable on all conventional CNC-machining centres and aggregates.

Fast, sustainable

Short cycle times through high feed rates and cutting speeds. Excellent cutting results and longer performance times due to less vibration and optimised tungsten carbide quality. It provides excellent finish cut which requires no rework.

Katana sawblades are durable and environmentally friendly, and offer significant noise reduction of up to 8dB.

Special tool balancing reduces the wear and helps protect the machine and aggregate spindle bearing lives. These sawblades are re-grindable for up to 10 times.



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