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China’s wooden furniture exports decline

According to China Customs, wooden furniture exports in 2023 fell 4% to US$24.19 billion year on year. The US was the largest market for China’s wooden furniture exports and nearly 30% of its wooden furniture exports were to the US, up 1% over 2022.

China’s wooden furniture is exported to more than 200 countries and these markets are very diverse. The top 5 countries for furniture exports of more than US$1 billion together accounted for only 53% of the national total wooden furniture exports in 2023.

China’s wooden furniture exports to UK in 2023 rose 15% to US$1.45 billion year on year. In contrast, China’s wooden furniture exports to Australia and Japan dropped 11% and 12% to US$1.44 billion and US$1.39 billion respectively in 2023.

The country’s wooden furniture enterprises are facing competition from shippers whose costs are lower. With the fluctuations in the global economy the supply and demand have changed greatly and the furniture prices in some emerging markets such as India and Vietnam are relatively low which poses a competitive pressure on its wooden furniture exporters.

China’s wooden furniture enterprises plan to respond by improving production technology and management, optimising the supply chain and strengthening brand building to enhance competitiveness.



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