Biesse poised for growth: locally, globally

The Italian company Biesse manufactures a comprehensive range of technologies and solutions for joiners and large woodworking manufacturers. On the sidelines of IndiaWood 2024, WoodNews spoke with Sayeed Ahmed, CEO of Biesse India, on the new products being launched, the current rebranding exercise and the new experience centre that is coming up in Bengaluru. Excerpts:

Can you tell us what is new in this expo as far as Biesse is concerned?

The first thing we are excited to showcase is that Biesse as a one-stop solution for multiple materials, which is good for the furniture industry as well as the woodworking industry because they also need the solutions from composite material, glass and stone. So Biesse is not just on the woodworking industry, we also offer solutions on various materials.

The company is coming up with a new identity in the form of a solution provider for various kinds of materials. We are focusing on this, on branding Biesse with a new logo, with new colours. This is the transition year for us.

More importantly, Biesse is also showcasing the new technology that is already introduced. We have a patented technology hydrogen force system, which begins with H2O and leverages the hydrolysis process to create hydrogen used as a sustainable energy source to power the edge application process, thus reducing energy consumption and related CO2 emissions.

Hydrogen fuel is already being used in the automobile industry. Now we are talking about hydrogen being used in edge banding. Instead of electrically generated heat, we use hydrogen to generate heat. So we are showcasing the technologies of the future here.

We are also showcasing the five-axes machine which is a machine designed and developed in India. This is a solution for solid woodworking as well as the panel processing five-axes machine. We export this machine globally. The machine was designed, prototyped, tested and validated here in India. It is already popular in the US, Europe, Australia and Persian Gulf countries as well.

What will the percentage of your machinery vis-a-vis other products?

Biesse is in the components division as well as the machinery division. In components we do all the mechatronics, high-speed spindles, systems and other things for the machines. We also do our tools.

In the coming days Biesse will be focusing its business in top-line growth. We are going to cater to the needs of the aerospace, automobile, energy and medical industries. In India we will be showcasing more of the glass and stone processing machinery and tools.

What are your plans for the future, particularly in terms of composite materials?

Apart from our solutions for the health care, aerospace and automobile industries, in the woodworking industry, especially the interiors, a lot of composite materials are entering into furniture production. Intricate and abstract designs made on the wall, wall paneling and other places: these applications use composite materials.

When can we expect the global launch of your rebranding initiative?

Globally, the rebranding exercise will be there in October this year. In addition, we are going to launch our global showroom in Nelamangala (near Bengaluru) in March next year.

It will be an experience center, and a demonstration center for entire Asia and the Persian Gulf region. We will have all the high technologies for the future that will be available in India for Indian customers.



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