IPCO reports excellent response

At IndiaWood, renowned press belt manufacturer IPCO showcased its local service excellence, a strategy that resonated positively with viewers. Sascha Porst, Global Product Manager of the Sweden-based company, emphasised IPCO’s reputation for quality and performance in the wood-based panels (WBP) industry.

However, he also stressed that their service support is equally vital. IPCO’s customers value the assurance that prompt assistance is available for maintenance, repairs, or general advice on best practices.

With a dedicated South Asia sales and service office in Pune, IPCO ensures swift response to service requirements. Equipped with specialized tools and expertise, its service teams conduct installations, belt checks and repairs for WBP manufacturers across India and the sub-continent.

For complex issues, the company can mobilize the Press Priority Team, a global group of press belt experts available for immediate assistance worldwide.

IPCO has established a robust support infrastructure that combines local responsiveness with the depth of a global service operation. Increasingly, customers opt for preventative maintenance agreements.

Under these agreements, engineers conduct comprehensive inspections at pre-determined intervals to ensure optimal belt performance. Known as the Global Best Practice Press Belt Inspection, this service aims to maintain high product quality.



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