Special ‘thali’ storage from Utturkar’s

Utturkar’s Wood Culture’s latest cutting-edge offering at IndiaWood was specially designed for the quintessentially unique components of the Indian kitchen. Coming from the Utturkar’s expansive product portfolio was a vertically configured pullout for thalis (metal plates) and cups and saucers.

It enables the users to leverage the utility of the most needed module in the kitchen, while enjoying reduction in the accompanying clanging noise, a solution that simplifies day-to-day operations in the kitchen quietly.

For the backbone of the Indian kitchen the in-house design team of the Pune-based Utturkar’s Wood Culture has ingeniously crafted a stylish and secure tailored space that allows the recurring daily movement and storage, simple and noise free.

For the other most used object – the cups, and the uniquely Indian requirement of saucers, the vertical placement of saucers and integrated flanges to allow cups to be securely positioned, reduces movement during pullout operation and diminishes the associated noise. The positioning of the slots and the flanges ensures that there is no collision.

To meet the distinctive requirements of the Indian lifestyle, Utturkar’s stage is a system for storing thalis, cups and saucers, made of perfectly aligned powder coated MS slots, fulfilling all requisites of storage optimization, aesthetics, functionality and efficiency.



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