High-quality adhesives from Unicol

Unicol, a prominent adhesive manufacturer based in Italy, showcased its flagship HM PUR adhesives, UniPUR 8310 and UniPUR 8311, at IndiaWood 2024. Designed in a convenient cartridge format and compatible with pre-melters worldwide, this HM PUR adhesive caters perfectly to various woodworking requirements.

UniPUR 8311 and UniPUR 8310 have several technical advantages. The micro emission versions feature exceptionally low monomer levels, ensuring high eco-friendliness and minimal environmental impact – an essential aspect of sustainable business practices.

Both adhesives serve as overnight glues, requiring only minimal cleaning of exposed areas, thereby significantly reducing daily glue wastage and downtime.

They offer extensive coverage area, reaching up to 560 metres per kg for 18-mm-thick panels, resulting in an incredibly thin glue line and a robust bond.

With an impressive heat resistance range of -30 ℃ to +150 ℃, these adhesives adhere to EN 9242 standards. They boast a rapid curing time of 2 to 3 days and a shelf life of 12 months when stored in original packing and a cool storage area.

The products have undergone rigorous testing and approval from leading machine and furniture manufacturers. The company collaborates closely with machine manufacturers to provide tailored solutions for customers.

Unicol specializes in manufacturing HM PUR for flat lamination and profile wrapping, including 1K and 2K PUR dispersions for membrane presses.

Additionally, ancillary products such as roll cleaners, cleaning wax, and cleaning and release agents for edge banding machines are also available.

Total Tools, Unicol’s partner in India, maintains a comprehensive stock of products and offers technical support to customers in the region.



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