CMT introduces DPX blades for beam saws

CMT, a globally renowned woodworking tool manufacturer from Italy, has launched the DPX range of saw blades specifically for beam saws that are manufactured at their factory in Udine.

CMT has developed the industry’s hardest grade of carbide for the saw blades, using special nano-grain technology. This innovation ensures exceptional durability and cutting performance.

One of the patented systems achieves an extraordinarily high level of saw blade balancing, particularly crucial for beam saws with 500mm diameter. This precision balancing enhances the accuracy and efficiency of cutting operations.

The saw blades are engineered to offer an extended lifespan, capable of lasting up to four times longer than regular saw blades. This longevity translates into reduced maintenance costs and increased productivity for woodworking operations.

Premium quality steel utilised in the blades undergoes a meticulous tempering process, enhancing its durability and stability over prolonged use. This process contributes to the overall reliability and performance of the saw blades.

The design of dampening slots in the blades has been meticulously revamped to effectively reduce vibrations and noise levels by up to 10%. Additionally, DPX blades comply with the National Noise and Emissions Standards Regulations, ensuring a quieter and environmentally friendly working environment.

CMT’s products are exclusively distributed in India by Total Tools.



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