Ligna on cusp of its golden jubilee

Ligna will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2025! Its origins date back to 1950 when it was the first ‘Woodworking Machinery Group Show’ at the German Industrial Trade Fair in Hanover.

From May 28 to June 3, 1975, Ligna celebrated its premiere in Hanover as an independent “International Trade Fair for Machinery and Equipment for the Woodworking Industry”. The event featured 720 exhibitors, with 50% from abroad, occupying 60,000 square metres.

Since then, Ligna has evolved into an established and pioneering event within its sector, attracting both exhibitors and visitors. It is widely recognised as a heavy weight in the capital goods industry within the international trade fair context.

Ligna is now jointly organised by Deutsche Messe and VDMA’s woodworking machinery division.

It showcases the entire range of products and services for the primary and secondary industries: tools, machines and systems for custom and mass production, surface technology, wood-based panel production, sawmill technology, energy from wood, machine components and automation technology, as well as machines and systems for forestry technology.

The general conditions for Ligna’s anniversary year 2025 are notably challenging. The industry is grappling with economic difficulties such as a decline in orders due to stagnation in the construction sector, diminishing sales, cost pressures, short-time work, a shortage of skilled workers, job cuts, and the implementation of new legal regulations for supply chains and the circular economy.

Throughout history, Ligna has been described as a steadfast anchor in tumultuous times, serving as an economic barometer. It continues to embody two key aspects shortly before its 50th anniversary: the technologically innovative strength of the entire industry and a robust sense of community spirit.

In tandem with the exhibiting companies, Ligna undergoes constant evolution, navigating through crises with courage, shaping progress, and actively contributing to the future.

It has consistently succeeded in bringing together all industry topics under one roof while still providing each with its distinct space. The shared commitment to shaping technological progress and, in turn, ensuring business growth, stability, and prosperity is what motivates everyone involved.

The next Ligna will be held in Hanover from May 26 to 30, 2025. For a compact overview of the past five decades, you can find more information on Ligna’s history at




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