Optimus and Modula range are best-in-class

Jai Industries offer an unparalleled array of products that include woodworking and panel processing machinery and electric motors. It is well known for its engineering quality, technology and innovation.

Its range of machines are products of R&D backed, high-end precision engineering and have the best possible features and are made of the topmost quality material and components. All the products are backed by dedicated service and guidance. Its machines are specifically produced to suit Indian working conditions that ensure performance and operating comfort.

The Optimus series comprise a range of solid wood machinery in the premium segment and have high-end features that are specially developed for units engaged in solid wood-craft business while the Modula series comprise a range of panel processing machines.



The UltraEdge 7.7P is a high-speed auto edge bander.


Salient Features

•        Complete stability even at maximum feeding speed of 25 m/min because of its robust machine structure.

•        User friendly 15” Smart Touch PLC control panel.

•        6 pressure rollers with scraper for perfect pressing.

•        Combination of rough & fine trimming unit enables better finish on edge.

•        Diamond cutters for pre-milling & trimming.

•        Heavy duty pillar type 2 motor round cornering unit.

•        Glue scrapping unit for ultra fine finish.

•        Clip-out unit to remove scrapping waste.

•        Small support rollers provided for better stability on panel with holes.

•        Encoder for edge banding tape measurement Overall meter run (OMR) & Project meter run (PMR).

•        Heavy duty gear box & motor for conveyor.

•        Motorized up-down movement of pressure beam for easy thickness setting for quick operation from control panel.

•        Automatic lubrication system circulates lubrication to the required parts of the machine, ensures efficient operation and increase life of parts.

•        Safety air tank provision for non-dropping of air during process.


The OptiSaw 3.2 (CNC) Panel Saw is a   sturdily built, heavy-duty machine that gives precise cut with burr free cutting.


Salient Features

•        Heavy-duty top-quality precision sliding table with long lasting accuracy.

•        Equipped with cutting optimization software. Simple to use & gives precise operation with maximum productivity.

•        Motorized up and down movement for main saw and scoring saw.

•        Motorized 45° tilting for main saw unit.

•        While cutting big panel, foot switch operated for rip-fence movement as per programmable cutting size.

•        Vertical movement of the saw unit is linear with maintenance - free guide bearings & allows the whole unit to move easily.

•        Easier & quick scoring unit up-down movement & lateral adjustment.

•        Central lubrication system facilitates smooth & precise movement.

•        All electronic & pneumatic parts are from well-known international brands.

•        Low maintenance machine, easily available cost effective spares, best after sales service support.



The Edge 45P is an auto edge bander with pre-milling & round cornering.

Salient Features

•        Sturdily built heavy-duty machine with Base Mounted Units.

•        Diamond Cutters for Pre-Milling & Trimming.

•        3 Pressure Rollers for perfect pressing.

•        User friendly Smart Touch PLC control panel for quick operations.

•        Motorized up-down movement of pressure beam for easy thickness setting.

•        Safety Air Tank for non-dropping of air during process.

•        Low Maintenance machine, easily available, cost-effective spares, best service support.



J-1325 VT + (L-ATC)

Nesting CNC router with vacuum table and is used for cutting, routing, grooving. It is provided with an auto tool changer.

Salient Features

•        “Hiwin” Taiwan linear guide rail with high precision

•        Heavy ball screw with high accuracy

•        Digital signal processing for control system

•        Servo Motors with invertor

•        Linear type 12 - position auto tool changer

•        Stronger and larger helical rack & pinion gear drive

•        Steel structure with six legs makes our routers more stable.

•        Lubrication makes maintenance much easier.

•        Precision vacuum table with heavy duty air cooled vacuum pump

•        Compatible Software: various compatible CAD/CAM software like Art Cam/ Type 3, etc.



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