Woodtech launches 3 versatile machines

Woodtech Consultants, the Bengaluru-based end-to-end solution provider for solid wood, panel wood, and specialised wood products, displayed these hi-tech machines for the first time at IndiaWood 2024:

This giant 5-axes machining centre is a high-performance machine, specifically designed for intricate tasks on solid wood. With its heavy build, this machine can execute heavy routing for various furniture applications.

This automatic curve edge bander stands as the ideal solution for companies producing office and educational furniture. It effortlessly replicating various curved panels without any time-consuming setup.

With an edge banding thickness ranging from 1 to 3 mm in veneer, ABS and laminated materials, it caters to diverse needs.

This is an efficient multi-head sanding machine. The first and second rows, along with the fifth and sixth rows, employ P round disc sanding heads that oscillate in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions, meticulously sanding corners, grooves, and irregular surfaces with a 360° coverage.

The third and fourth rows feature horizontal parts that oscillate in opposite directions, moving up and down to sand surfaces horizontally. The fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth rows employ big brush sanders that also oscillate opposite to each other, focusing on the entire surface.

This machine accommodates various brands and sizes of consumables, effectively resolving sanding issues encountered with MDF, solid wood and density wood, making it indispensable for sanding tasks involving white, sealer, and UV-coated wood finishes.



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