Lamello’s small efforts have big effect

“We do things differently!” This motto is at the core of Pura-Die Tischler cabinet maker in Germany. Founded in 2018 by Fabian Dietz and Daniel Tobers, the joinery company’s Latin name means ‘pure’ or ‘genuine’, and is a true representation of how the two managing directors continue to carry out their work today.

“It is because of the cordless Zeta P2 that we work with more flexibility on the construction site. Power outlets are usually limited and difficult to access. It’s an advantage if we have a battery-powered machine,” explains Fabian.

The light-weight, powerful 18V LiHD 4.0 Ah battery pack and the Zeta P2 cordless are ideally equipped to make longitudinal grooves for the Divario P-18 connector, part of Lamello’s P-System. Milling adjustments or additions can be made in no time at all.

“With Lamello, we combine flexibility, individuality and versatility. Almost everything can be implemented with it. Time doesn’t stand still, and neither do we,” adds Fabian.

The cabinet maker is striving for new challenges and would also like to become involved in commercial projects like social housing, and hospitals in the future.

Bespoke furniture

Pura attaches great importance to being close to customers. As if that weren’t enough, Fabian is also active as a social media content creator. He aims to show aspiring cabinet makers that they can achieve great things.

Pura’s five-strong team specialises in furniture construction, interior design and construction and carpentry work. They always create bespoke furniture for their customers.

“In the trade, you still hear all too often the saying: ‘We’ve always done it this way. We can’t identify with that,” says Fabian. For Pura, the focus is on bespoke carpentry. True to the motto, nobody can do it quite like a cabinet maker.

One of the young company’s most impressive projects was the core renovation of a detached house. “The construction of the staircase presented us with a major challenge. The aim was to design it in such a way that, in addition to its basic function, it also served as a connecting element to the upper floor. The result was a real dream home – from the staircase to the creative children’s room and the impressive open-plan kitchen.”

Wooden biscuit

Pura first became aware of Lamello in 2015. “The wooden biscuit is still our favourite. It offers a little leeway for more tricky projects and makes our work easier,” explains Fabian.

Besides the Lamello system, the P-System is also an indispensable part of Pura. With the Clamex P-14, Lamello has developed a revolutionary connector that allows the furniture to be disassembled at any time. This also makes it easier to reassemble furniture on-site.

Fabian and his team have already implemented countless projects with the Zeta P2 cordless.

Pura cooperates with well-known suppliers for larger projects where a CNC machine is also used. But the entire manufacturing process is handled by the carpentry company – from customer consulting and planning to preparing drawings, implementation and completion orders.

The Clamex P-14 is mostly used in kitchen manufacturing. It also supports working with solid wood to achieve the best possible result. Thanks to the small 6-mm tool opening of the Clamex P-14, even high-quality solid wood furniture can be connected in a detachable, almost invisible way.

Pura chose the P-System with the Clamex P-14 when constructing the furniture for the staircase. “This allowed us to carry out a test in the workshop to ensure that our ideas actually worked. Once the cabinet had been assembled, it could easily be taken apart and dismantled,” says Fabian.

For him, the ability to dismantle the individual parts was essential to minimise costs and time during transport.

Labelled to be innovative and reliable, Lamello wood connects elements and woodworking machines that deliver quality, innovation and excellent functionality. Lamello’s motto is ‘Pioneering wood joining’, which refers to not only sticking to its innovative profile groove joining systems, but also its employees.

‘Green’ commitment

It credits its staff for giving Lamello, its pioneering character: every day they strive to inspire the customers with superb service and achieve the very best results by working as a team. After all, the company believes, trust is only earned through utmost professionalism!

It is not just end users who believe that Lamello supplies outstanding products. Juries from a wide range of categories have also honoured Lamello’s sophisticated system solutions many times over.

This great recognition of its quality also serves as an incentive for the company to keep pushing forward.

The concepts of sustainability, ecology and commitment define how Lamello thinks and how it works. One example of this is the legendary durability of its products, which protects the environment by reducing waste whilst simultaneously conserving valuable resources.

Another example is Lamello’s on-going efforts to improve the energy efficiency of the company and production processes. The high environmental standards at its production site in Switzerland also ensure careful use of resources – a considerable portion of which come from sustainable management.



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