Revolutionary acrylic boards from Decolam

Acrylic laminate has become a staple in interior design nationwide, valued for its versatility and aesthetic appeal. However, issues such as undulation, air bubbles, waves, film stretch marks, and glue patches during the pasting process have plagued many users.

To address these concerns and ensure flawless results, Mysuru-based Rutvi Panel India in has introduced the PUR flat lamination line. Its brand,, offers a vast selection of acrylic boards, boasting over 140 shades, including four mirror finishes, and a wide range of base material options.

Crafted with the finest materials – including 1.5-mm anti-scratch acrylic sheet and 810 high-density high moisture-resistant (HDHMR) board, or WPC board with a 0.92-mm backer sheet – the finished boards measure 19mm and boast a flawless surface with zero undulation or waves, resembling lacquered glass.

Utilizing state-of-the-art PUR flat lamination technology and Kleiberit glue for superior bonding, the boards ensure long-lasting durability and a seamless finish. The 101 glossy colours offer a glass-like appearance and a wide range of designs, including plain, sparkle, metallic, marble and wooden textures.

For those seeking a matte surface with anti-fingerprint properties, the boards come in over 17 colour options, elevating interior design possibilities to new heights. Each board is accompanied by 100% matching acrylic edge banding, ensuring a polished look for every shutter.



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