Hettich will unveil ‘Magic Lights’ collection

The introduction of Hettich’s ‘Magic Lights’ marks a significant leap in the realm of contemporary lighting solutions. This new furniture light series is designed to redefine ambient lighting, seamlessly combining aesthetics with functionality.

Crafted with cutting-edge German technology, the range includes spotlights, linear lights, special lights, and bespoke options for kitchens and wardrobes, all meeting BIS certification standards and boasting a minimum operational lifespan of 40,000 hours.

The ‘Smart Receiver’ in these lights facilitates integration with voice commands and IoT connectivity, reflecting a commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. A remarkable colour rendering index (CRI) of 85 and above ensures true and vibrant colour representation, enhancing the overall visual experience for discerning customers.

The streamlined approach to a 12-Volt power system simplifies the selection process for customers, offering ease and convenience in choosing products that align with their requirements.

The fixtures themselves stand out as sculptural masterpieces, showcasing Hettich’s dedication to craftsmanship and detail. The sleek, minimalist LED lights effortlessly blend into various interior aesthetics, from timeless classics to avant-garde designs.

The debut collection represents not just lighting fixtures but a visual enhancement to the overall design language of a space.

The plug-and-play feature of ‘Magic Lights’ streamlines the installation process, making it user-friendly and accessible. This design element allows users to transform the ordinary with a literal touch of a plug. The lights create immersive atmospheres, accentuating architectural nuances and weaving captivating narratives within living spaces.




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