Hafele demonstrates the value of space

Hafele’s brand purpose, ‘Maximising the value of space. Together’, served as the guiding compass in crafting holistic and sustainable environments for its customers, where they can enjoy the multiplied benefits of their living and working spaces.

The Fibonacci sequence, known for its aesthetically pleasing ratios, is often used in architectural and photographic design to create visually harmonious compositions. Artists and designers apply the Fibonacci numbers to determine proportions, spacing, and dimensions in their work, creating a  sense of balance and beauty.

This mathematical marvel mirrored Häfele’s dedication to creating inspired spaces, seamlessly integrating beauty and enhancing functionality through its products and services at IndiaWood 2024.

Hafele’s booth embodied the four dimensions of its brand purpose: Functional, Intelligent, Atmospheric and Organised. Its comprehensive product range showcase included the kitchen and home solutions (drawer and runner systems, furniture hinges and wire storage); vertical hide-away bed system and bunk bed system; and walk-in wardrobe set-ups and partition systems (aluminium profiled).

Häfele’s premium and luxury range of appliances,; its compact and unique Kabi-Net digital with biometric access to drawers, cabinets or wardrobes; and its Loox Range of furniture lighting were the other highlights.

The Loox Range is a unique combination of elegant design and state-of-the-art technology, be it task lighting for kitchen cabinets and plinths, decorative lighting for living room showcases, mood lighting for bedroom applications, or pure functional lighting in wardrobes.

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