Japan’s Shoda unveils dust-free CNC router

In the advanced information society of the 21st century people, knowledge, ideas and goods travel across borders almost effortlessly. A product’s value is now determined by more than just locally used measurements or regional norms, but rather by the expectations of the global community.

It is for this reason that Japanese machinery manufacturer, The Shoda Company, believes in “design ability” being the starting point for manufacturing, and “creative ability” being able to create value.

According to Hiro Shoda, CEO, the company has been in business since 1926 and has delivered more than 8,000 CNC routers to the global market. Its ‘Blue Technology’ has made the company come out with the world’s first dust-free CNC router that does not generate dust from cutting!

Shoda is now entering India, initially with its standard CNC routers. What is more, these machines are manufactured in India! Shoda is represented in India by Bengaluru-based Woodtech Consultants.

Known worldwide as a “technology team” with several “firsts” and patents to its credit, Shoda’s debut machine is the BS101 gantry moving type CNC router for woodworking. For more information, write to



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