Leuco tools to enter India market

Founded in 1954, Ledermann GmbH – better known by the brand name Leuco Tools – is one of the world’s leading suppliers of carbide-tipped and diamond-tipped machine tools for wood and plastics processing.

Leuco tools are sold directly worldwide via subsidiaries to sawmills, the construction, furniture and panel industries, as well as interior finishing companies.

Daniel Schrenk, CEO for Sales & Marketing, told WoodNews that India is “lively and exciting with possibilities”, and that the company will be deciding on a strategy within 2024 on entering the market.

“We are a family-owned company in Germany, but 75% of our business is exports. We’re doing the complete range of rotation tools in the wood processing industry: saw blades, drills, cutterheads, diamond routers and cutters, clamping system, and the service to keep our tools working,” he said.

Asked what Leuco’s stand-out attributes in India would be, Daniel said: “We are already partners with furniture manufacturers all over the world. We have been doing this business for decades.

“What is even more important, we have been a close partner also to machinery manufacturers. It means we have a programme and a product portfolio that is always up-to-date and is always corresponding to the latest woodworking technology,” he added.

Its tool sharpening service, application consulting and service packages are bundled under the term ‘Tool Management System’.

It has sales affiliates in Australia, Belgium, England, Japan, Poland, Thailand, Ukraine, Vietnam and Belarus. It also has production subsidiaries in China, France, Malaysia, Russia, Switzerland, South Africa and the US.

“The optimism that you see in India is doing us all good and it’s what you can feel and sense here. India is an industrial market nowadays; it’s also looking for high-tech solutions. That’s why it’s the right moment to be here!” he signs off.



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