Neat & tidy: Kesseböhmer magic

Clever Storage makes life easy by keeping everything organised in just one pull-out.

Cooking Agent from Kesseböhmer is a product with the inbuilt feature of Clever Storage, a concept promoted by Kesseböhmer. It is a must-have product in all well-organised kitchens.

It is a product with storage flexibility for multiple items used daily in the kitchen, be it spices, condiments, oils, cooking tools, chopping boards, spatulas, etc. It makes life easy by simply keeping everything organised in just one pullout.

Everyone has a “drawer of horrors” at home. Organising storage cans in the drawer is a difficult task and it urgently required restructuring! Introducing the SpaceFlexx filing system from Kesseböhmer.

The space-saving, intuitive and highly flexible SpaceFlexx sorts your drawer, tidies up contents with a stable frame that serves as a framework and connects the freely movable, highly elastic Nesttex dividers.

In between, we put in what we want to store. Whether large or small, square or round – everything finds its fixed place and is immediately sorted in a non-slip and space-saving manner.

This is a perfect solution that makes us all happy. As we all know, it’s the little things that matter the most in life.



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