High-efficiency drilling center from Woodtech

The Rapid Drill-610HZ is a high-efficiency, six-side drilling center for wood panels. The machine has an upper drilling head along with a 5.5-kW spindle and five pieces auto tool change. It is compatible to diversified CV data formats.

It is mainly applied in six-side hole of all kinds of artificial panels, including hinge hole, through hole, half-through hole, and horizontal drilling.

It can simultaneously process symmetrical hole positions and also can hog, mill and process invisible parts with small spindles.


Five types ATC for spindle ensures easier handle hogging, milling, lamella and other craft. The 5.5-kW spindle helps achieve rapid and convenient hogging and milling; the saw blade can do 50-850-mm linear hogging.

The double translation air flotation table allows flexibility according to the hole position to improve drilling precision and avoid dust accumulation at the bottom. The software can simulate processing path to predict the processing time. Processing record statistics can be monitored to view production progress in real time

Additional Features

•  Drill package:UP:12V+8H Bottom:9v

•  Drilling area optimization, lower drilling bit fully covered to improve efficiency.

•  5 liner tool magazine with large capacity, can install various tools, and is used for hogging, milling, and multi-slot processing.

•  Achieve visual processing path simulation, predict processing time.

•  Double gripper with 3.8-metre-long guide rail, max moving speed 140 metres per minute. Avoids interference between gripper and board and makes it more efficient.

•  ATC air-cooled spindle ensures higher power and processing efficiency.



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