imos marries design and production

With imos iX 2021, imos offers a software solution whose functionalities are specially optimised for the planning, sales, design and production of kitchens.

Already at the point of sale, iX 2021 offers professionalism and comfort and complex 3D room situations can be easily created via intuitive user guidance for dimensioned floor plans. Smart interfaces enable the integration of digital room recording systems.

In the carcass configurator, catalogue furniture is selected and adapted to customised requirements in a rule-tested manner. Freely designed special constructions are also possible.

Intelligent insertion and snap functions support the exact positioning of articles and even entire assemblies in the three-dimensional room. Purchased parts, such as sinks, refrigerators, freezers and electrical appliances or lighting elements, can be inserted by drag-and-drop and integrated into the design.

A professional presentation can be achieved through photo-realistic representations – functions, such as opening cabinet doors or drawers, can be simulated, and enable a view into the interior of the furniture.

Extensive libraries provide tasteful interior and exterior design elements, while realistic lighting simulation puts the planning in perspective. imos’ servers can support the rendering process – high-resolution HDR images are thus generated in just a few minutes.

3D planning can also be integrated into VR and AR programs and experienced virtually. Planning is done mobile via cloud-based applications or stationery via desktop solution.

For different business models, B2C products are available for the integration of the end customer, as well as B2B products for the professional planner in the showroom or salesroom.

Comprehensive sales documents such as floor and elevation drawings, photo-realistic views and a quotation with price information can be issued to interested customers at the push of a button.

The digital order, including the planning information, is transferred directly to order processing and preparation, eliminating manual processing. The continuous data model and parametric design make changes to the order easy.

Furniture is designed using wizards that generate a parametric carcass model quickly, taking company-specific rules into account. From this, digital twins of the saleable furniture can be derived and processed for sales and production.

Worktops with individually adaptable contours and long parts are generated automatically.

In the process, iX 2021 considers divisions and cutouts for appliances, sinks and sockets. Fittings can be flexibly customised and varied, like surfaces, colours and materials, because the extensive fitting data from leading manufacturers are available directly via download from the cloud.

iX 2021 integrates into existing IT environments or ERP systems, ensuring an automated ordering process. The order-related CNC data iX 2021 generates automatically as well as all relevant manufacturing data (including special parts), both for individual machines and for industrial manufacturing plants.

There is no longer any need for order folders with paper documents: by uploading to the cloud, all order data is always available on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones for production, assembly and the construction site.

Three-dimensional design views allow a look at all details, including the fitting situation, while clear lists provide information on components such as dimensions, edges or purchased parts.

Individual parts can be identified on the construction site using the scan function. An integrated chat function enables the secure exchange of data and information between the construction site, production and the office.



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