Greda bets on its NC machines

The comeback of Greda at Xylexpo 2022 lined up with the exhibition of some of its latest technologies with three NC-machining centers: Argo G-Max, Mitika V5 and Poker V5.

Argo G-Max, an excellent solution for solid wood, panels, composite materials and curved components working, made its official debut in Milan and caught the attention of those who look for flexibility, precision and high working speeds combined in a single product.

This NC-machining center has functional accessories, rigorously designed to improve the production process, optimise the set-up and support the technical staff – for example, visual positioning through led guidelines, pneumatic systems to help loading, and an innovative analysis, simulation and control software able to preview simultaneously programme’s execution.

Beside Argo G-Max, two solutions for turning, routing and carving in 5-axis, both for realization of unique details of premium precision and quality, and for batch production, thanks to automatic loading and unloading systems

The peculiarity of Poker V5 and Mitika V5 is the possibility of using the shaping and sanding units simultaneously which, together with tool-changing at the masked time, ensures a great reduction in processing time and high productivity.



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