Giardina betters itself in sanding, coating

The iconic Dualtech Forma profile spraying machine has been completely redesigned with the new ‘Flexi Roll’ to optimise costs and reduce harmful emissions.

The Giardina Group returned to Xylexpo 2022 with a clear desire to show off its Destefani, one of the best-known Italian brands in edge and profile sanding, and the Italian machinery supplier’s partnership with Pininfarina in the form of the Dualtech Forma automatic spraying machine.

The iconic Dualtech Forma profile spraying machine has been completely redesigned. In the spotlight is the brand new ‘Flexi Roll’, which combines the search for the highest coating quality with the increasingly urgent need to optimise costs and reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

This technology – available in various configurations – achieves significant results in the treatment of not only flat, but also three-dimensional surfaces. The new production process can be integrated into Giardina’s already wide range of roller coaters and with drying technology.

The Destefani MVT 4000 single-side edge sanding machine is a particularly effective configuration that makes it perfect for sanding the edges of MDF panels, chipboard and coated elements.

It is not far behind will be the MVS 2500, the smallest profile sander in the MVS range, an authentic masterpiece by Destefani, designed and manufactured for sanding frames, poles, strips, elements of door and window frames, veneers, solid wood elements and unfinished or treated MDF parts.

According to Stefano and Riccardo Mauri, owners of Giardina Group, the profile brushing/sanding machine is equipped to be particularly effective in machining wooden floor elements, guaranteeing excellent levels of finish not only on the sides, but also on the top surface of the element, creating three-dimensional effects.

The Giardina Group designs, develops and manufactures systems for roller, film, spray and vacuum coating; automated and robotic lines with hot air, UV or microwave drying systems; overhead lines to coat windows and doors or three-dimensional pieces; spray booths and special systems; edge and profile sanding solutions.



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