SCM unveils a clutch of new solutions

SCM’s new digital services and remote technical assistance (L) were the focus at the 2,000-square-metre stand during the show.

The SCM Group was, once again, a key player at Xylexpo 2022. The occasion was special for the Italian supplier of a wide range of woodworking solutions – it is celebrating 70 years of innovation and success this year!

At its innovative and multimedia stand of over 2,000 square metres, SCM recorded a large turnout of professionals, experts and schools specialising in woodworking, as well as great opportunities in terms of orders, negotiations and contacts.

Its award-winning Digital Factory model was the cynosure of all eyes: a digital, connected and integrated production process that supports customers with the most complex challenges of mass customisation, keeping down costs, consumption and waste, and simplifying management.

A system of ‘Smart and Human Factory’, it has flexible, automated and modular cells in two distinct versions for industry and joinery. This revolves around data preparation, planning, production, monitoring and after-sales assistance – and by increasing efficiency and connecting the office and factory.

Going digital

There was also a rich offering of software and other digital services on display. Notable among them were the updated CAD/CAM office programming software for the preparation of data for Maestro CNC machining centres, the 3D Maestro Pro-View simulator for machining panels and solid wood, as well as the Maestro Beam&Wall for timber construction.

For planning, optimisation and production control, the new MES Maestro easyFlow is the Plug&Play solution integrated with all of SCM’s software and machines, combined with both ‘Smart and Human Factory’ and Industry-4.0 interconnection of the entire production flow.

Among the new entries was the Maestro Optiwise for the Gabbiani single-blade and angular beam saws. It ensures the best out of cuts with a minimum amount of waste for both large and small production batches.

The mobile app, SCM Thundercut, is the only one that provides the operator with a step-by-step guide to inserting the panel into the machine and making the cut, for a completely safe job even when done by those that are not experts.

The Maestro Power TMS software made its debut. It simplifies and optimises the management of tools inside the solid wood CNC machining centres’ warehouses. It maximises the capacity of the warehouses and speedup the tool change according to the production mix. With more than a 100 tools readily available, it offers considerable reduction in time and an increase in productivity.

The digital services enabled by the IoT Maestro Connect platform have been further enhanced. The aim is to guarantee maximum return on the machines and plants in conjunction with the constant support from SCM technicians. This platform integrates into the ‘Woodworking made Izy’ project led by the most important European machinery manufacturers.

New solutions

In the edge banding area, SCM offered a new model of Stefani Cell-E which combines the numerous advantages of the Stefani X industrial edge bander in terms of productivity and machining quality, with the new Fastback 27 automatic panel return system.

A completely new entry was the Morbidelli CX220 drilling and dowelling flexible cell which creates all the parts of the piece of furniture more efficiently, even with pieces that differ dramatically from one another.

The new cell produces a panel per minute and in excess of 400 panels per shift with a single operator, with a footprint of only 50 square metres. Its layout allows for two possible uses: with an integrated robot on the rear side for loading and unloading operations, and with partial supervision of the operator.

There were three machines for a perfect and “orchestrated” work that dramatically reduce times and margins of error: the Invincible SI-X circular saw enhanced by the SCM Thundercut cutting optimiser-sequencer; the Startech CNC drilling centre to produce furniture parts without repositioning the tools; and the top performing ME 40TR edge bander with a new rounding unit.



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