Routing to timber construction, SCM makes woodworking easy

The new Morbidelli CX220 drilling cell from SCM.

SCM, the leading Italian woodworking solutions provider, boasted the largest range in the industry that was exhibited at Xylexpo 2022 for every kind of production need.

Making its debut at Xylexpo was the Startech CN-K compact 3-axes machining centre, ideal for any kind of routing, decorations, scoring, creation of signs and 3D model prototype.

The only one in its category to have a 2.4-kW electro-spindle,

the machine and its integral cabin guarantees protection to the operator and a clean working environment. It is also very easy to program, thanks to the virtual “open” human-machine interface for the importing of G-code from any kind of CAD/CAM software.

Also being highlighted were the new Eye-S compact touch controls on edge banders and the exclusive “blade off” technological solution (XIA winner) applied to circular saws and fitted with exclusive smart sensors to machine in complete safety.

SCM had also expanded its solutions for the timber construction industry. The new Area-X 5-axes CNC machining centre with mobile gantry structure is designed for manufacturers of CLT panels and curved laminate beams.

Excellent reliability and very high machining quality allow non-productive times to be eradicated and produce finished parts ready to be assembled on site.

Also on show was the new 3.0 version of the Maestro Beam&Wall proprietary software designed to provide a better response to the demands for workflow optimisation and greater production flexibility in machining structural parts.

For CLT wall panel sanding comes a new project, the DMC system Xl. It is a highly modular sanding-calibrating machine capable of working walls up to 3,700 mm wide and 500 mm thick.

For visitors at Xylexpo, a closer look at the latest Celaschi products was possible for the production of both traditional and gradient board (chevron) wooden floors.

The new Celaschi TMC transversal tenoner with automatic loading system is versatile and precise, offering the utmost in terms of technical solutions for line profiling of boards with different gradients.

The Celaschi innovations also referred to the creation of Threespine click panels and the production of drawers, with the option of machining pieces of less than 60 mm in width.

The new Olimpic 500 edge bander offers excellent machining versatility in a limited amount of space and always with high quality standards. It has a two-motors rounding unit and a new control system for even more efficient production.

Some of the other advantages include the option to machine two real radii with all the units, panels up to 60 mm in width, perform a simple and automatic glue change with the SGP-E pot, and an even more user-friendly usage with HMI Maestro ActiveEdge software and the new 15-inch Eye-S console.

The Stefani SBX also took

centre stage live from the SCM Technology Center in Thiene. The new squaring-edge-banding machine offers the most advanced SCM technological innovations for this sector: these include Servo electronic units and other solutions for high productivity levels and excellent performance with every machining.

The integrated offer of DMC technologies for sanding, Sergiani 3D form for ennobling three-dimensional panels and Superfici for finishing has been further enhanced with new devices and models to satisfy all process and end-product type requirements and achieve sophisticated finishing solutions.

The DMC System T2, a flexible and modular numeric control calibrating and sanding centre appears in a completely new light. The innovative laser unit, making its global début at Xylexpo, is particularly well-suited for the wooden floor super finish, solid wood parts and MDF panels decorating and fibre cement finishes.

Also on display was a UV-LED polymerisation system with several UV mono-chromatic sources of different wavelengths to achieve a controlled multi-chromatic emission in a wider spectrum compared to the pure UV-LED radiation.

The result is chemical-physical performances fully comparable with standard UV polymerisation, while maintaining the typical advantages offered by LED.

For extra-opaque effects on the finish of the most varied end products and materials, another new entry was the Superfici Excimatt with Excimer technology, offering surprisingly smooth effects with high levels of opacity but with no more compromising on surface resistance.

For the first time ever at Xylexpo the Accord 600 CNC machining centre was on display. It is used in the production of doors, staircases and windows in solid wood. It offers 30% more productivity compared to market standards and an intelligent management with Maestro power TMS, the software that simplifies and optimises tool handling in the machine’s magazines.

The spotlight also shone on Windorflex, the new automatic cell for machining complete fixtures designed to optimise productivity while simultaneously maintaining a high level of flexibility and machining quality, irrespective of the kind of window or door.

The solutions for solid wood were rounded off the Balestrini Idea CNC machining centre for chairs and tables, and the automatic Balestrini Pico MD tenoner-mortiser, ideal for creating miter door joints.



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