Boilo gives new dimension to safety

Action Tesa, the largest MDF manufacturer in India, has introduced Boilo, a boiling water-proof high density fiberboard, and claims it is the first company to introduce this sort of product globally.

The fire-retardant board is produced using cutting-edge technology and an inventive process. It has low-flammability features thanks to its nano-engineered particles that lower the likelihood of fire mishaps.

Following in the footsteps of HDHMR board’s popularity, Action Tesa Boilo boiling water-proof (BWP) with fire-resistant grade HDF boards is witnessing growing popularity among architects, builders, interior designers and home owners.

Boilo boards are available in plain and pre-laminated versions. These panels are ideal to create modular kitchens, closets for a wide range of lifestyles, home and workplace furnishings.

Apart from being water-resistant and having an innate quality of resisting the adverse effects of hot water, the product is also termite-proof and has a wide array of applications.

These boards find use in furniture, restroom cubicles, flooring of a bus, or even damp areas such as washrooms. They are among the best available engineered boards in the market. 



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