SCM goes beyond the machine at Xylexpo

SCM’s stand at Xylexpo featured screens offering detailed insights into its extensive range of technological solutions for furniture, kitchens, windows, doors, flooring, timber construction, surface treatment, joinery, boats, and caravans.

At Xylexpo 2024, SCM showcased its latest technological and digital advancements in a dynamic and interactive manner, centered on addressing clients’ evolving production and business requirements, particularly focusing on services, digitalization, and sustainability.

Breaking from tradition, it attended the trade fair without any machines on display, underscoring their commitment to sustainability and innovative communication strategies. This reflects their broader vision, which prioritises supporting clients comprehensively, beyond just providing machinery.

Aligned with this vision, the company unveiled a wide array of innovations tailored to meet the emerging market demands for digitalisation, sustainability, and ‘Industry 5.0’ scenarios.

The stand featured various sections equipped with screens offering detailed insights into its extensive range of technological solutions catering to specific production processes within the sector.

Additionally, visitors had the opportunity to experience firsthand the quality and finishing of clients’ finished products, achieved through SCM’s machines and systems. The focus has shifted towards addressing clients’ needs in terms of support, control, advice, and productivity, with the introduction of the WIN MES software to manage factory IT flow.

Going digital

At the core of the exhibition, visitors explored SCM’s new Digital Control Room, embodying the company’s values through proactive client service facilitated by the Maestro connect IoT system and a strong emphasis on sustainability.

This sustainability encompasses environmental concerns, operational efficiency through predictive maintenance, and business sustainability through increased productivity and service bundle packages. Moreover, SCM emphasises sustainability towards people through knowledge sharing and continuous training initiatives.

Another pivotal aspect of SCM’s vision is to provide automated, integrated, and complete processes for the woodworking sector. Immersive multimedia tools showcased its diverse product offerings, catering to various applications such as furniture, kitchens, windows, doors, flooring, timber construction, surface treatment, joinery, boats, and caravans.

Integration of CMS solutions further enhance its capabilities by offering technologies for machining materials like glass, marble, metal, plastic, and composite materials.

Live demonstrations from SCM’s Technology Centre highlighted flexible industrial cells for beam saw, nesting, edge banding, drilling, and integrated solutions for sanding and finishing.

The unveiling of the new SCM-Superfici Technology Center in Villasanta provided a platform for tangible demonstrations across a wide range of products and services, including finishing solutions and technologies for furniture, doors, windows, construction and joinery work.

3-side protection

SCM’s innovative solution, the ‘blade-off’ safety system, responds to the clear requirement of minimising the intrinsic danger of using a circular saw, thanks to a new working concept.

The ‘blade off’ system prevents any accidental contact with the blade, thanks to an intelligent system that, using smart sensors, can recognise the human body and trigger the system even before the operator gets too close to the blade, protecting the danger zone around it, always and in all environmental conditions.

The protection is expanded on three sides of the machine (work-piece entrance and side approaches to the blade) to prevent any kind of contact, even caused by inappropriate or accidental movements. The system automatically excludes the blade in a non-destructive way and stops the program running.

It also activates with high cutting speeds, including up to 2 metres per second, without slowing down machining.

Among the new offerings showcased at Xylexpo were Maestro Lab software for CAD/CAM programming, Maestro active beam and wall for CNC machining centres, optimisrs for panel saws, and Maestro Edgestore manager for edge banding, further enhancing SCM’s comprehensive suite of solutions.



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