Viefe: where urban elegance meets craftsmanship

In the dynamic world of interior design, urban style embodies a perfect blend of sophistication, functionality, and aesthetic allure. Every detail matters, and Viefe, an innovator in interior hardware, provides the essential accents that elevate spaces to new heights of modernity and luxury. From handles and knobs to wall hooks and door stoppers, each piece is a subtle yet impactful element that completes the overall ambience of contemporary living.

Viefe’s dedication to form and function is evident in its range of handles and knobs, which transcend mere utility. These pieces transform ordinary doors and cabinets into stunning focal points of style and sophistication and offer an array of designs, from sleek minimalist lines to intricate contemporary motifs, each showcasing exquisite craftsmanship and timeless appeal.

The products are designed to integrate seamlessly into various interior styles, adding an understated luxury to urban living spaces with clean lines and open layouts. Whether you prefer the urban chic of brushed nickel or the modernity of matte black, Viefe has the perfect solution to enhance your interiors.

Attention to detail extends beyond handles and knobs to include wall hooks and door stoppers, each adding character and functionality to urban interiors. The wall hooks can create statement walls in living rooms or add texture to minimalist bedrooms, serving as dynamic canvases for self-expression. Even door stoppers, often overlooked, are crafted with the same meticulous care and impeccable craftsmanship.

Through Fiamarc, Viefe’s range of products is now available in India, offering a comprehensive selection of hardware and interior solutions. Fiamarc provides everything from door hardware, including sliding systems, handles, locking systems, and concealed hinges, to furniture fittings like cabinet handles, profile handles, recessed handles, and functional fittings. 



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