Spacewood takes off with shutters, carcasses, components

Nagpur-based Spacewood, India’s top brand for premium modular furniture, has successfully made inroads in the market with Innopan, the kitchen and wardrobe component brand of the company.

Established in 1996, Innopan has the most extensive selection of treatment for carcass and shutters, including membrane, PU paint, standard acrylic, polymax EB, glass acrylic (crystal and reflex), and aluminium glass profiles.

Innopan provides Xtone shutters, in addition to glass profiles like Ego-20, Elan and rear-painted glass profile Glix. Pre-lamination is done in-house; membrane pressing; flatline lamination; CNC processing of aluminium profiles; painting technology offered with 10-year warranty at affordable pricing.

Innopan is a one-stop shop for a wide range of products, including shutters made of membranes in HMR-HDF, HDF, MDF and BWR plywood. Carcasses in HMR-HDF, HDF, MDF, BWR plywood; and shutters in membrane, PU paint, acrylic, glass acrylic, ceramic and back-painted glass are also available.

Spacewood has also introduced a brand-new accessory category called Spacemax. It offers a wide selection of creative kitchen and wardrobe accessories, including chic organisers and sleek storage options.

The following are some examples of kitchen accessories: swing corner, wall unit, dish basket drawer, larder pull-out, detergent rack, tandem pantry, bottle pull-out, swing corner, corner motion, and twin trash bin.

The selection of wardrobe accessories includes board-style shoe rack, rattan storage basket, wired storage basket, soft-close shoe rack, rotatable shoe rack, and multipurpose storage box.



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