Hyper: smart side pullout storage

Are you tired of cluttered kitchen cabinets? Struggling to find space for your bottles, packages, spice canisters, tetra packs and other food essentials? Say goodbye to digging through cluttered cabinets or battling for space.

Everything has its designated spot, making your kitchen more organised and accessible. Stackable and adjustable trays are now customised for intelligent space utilisation by Utturkar’s Wood Culture.

One of the standout features is the ability to stack multiple trays within the frame, adjusting to the frame height. Customise your storage needs effortlessly. In our Indian scenario, we get for same item different packaging solutions depending on the Indian consumer needs.

The SPO Hyper adapts seamlessly. Say hello to a neatly organised kitchen, utilising vertical space effectively. This flexibility ensures efficient utilisation of every inch, reducing clutter and enhancing accessibility.

Experience convenience with this soft-closing system. No more loud bangs or jarring movements when closing cabinets. The gentle mechanism ensures smooth and quiet operation, protecting items from damage caused by abrupt closing.

The system is equipped with Grass slides for durability. Despite its sleek design, the slide pullout system boasts an impressive weight-carrying capacity of 20 kg. Durability meets elegance in the stylish stone finish.

Remember, the ‘Make in India’ initiative aims to boost domestic manufacturing and investment in the country. By aligning Utturkar’s product features with Indian consumer preferences, the company contributes to this vision. For additional details, write to



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