Ornare panels in 12 new trending colours

Ornare has unveiled 12 new colours designed to redefine elegance and sophistication in modular kitchens, wardrobes and other installations. Drawing inspiration from the EuroCucina 2024 exhibition, Ornare’s new colour range embodies the latest European design trends.

These captivating shades include both vibrant metallics and serene pastels, offering an array of options to suit diverse design preferences. The metallic finishes introduce a modern, luxurious feel to any space, reflecting light beautifully and creating a striking visual impact. The pastel shades provide a contemporary, tranquil ambience, perfect for creating calming and stylish environments.

The new colours are meticulously selected to reflect the latest global design trends, ensuring your interiors are always in vogue. Whether you prefer bold metallics or soft pastels, the new range has something for everyone.

As with all Ornare products, these new panels are crafted with the highest standards of quality and durability. Both the high gloss and matte finishes are easy to clean, ensuring long-lasting beauty and functionality.

Decora continues to lead the way in innovative interior solutions, and the new colour range is perfect for creating stunning modular kitchens,

chic wardrobes, and other stylish installations. Users can experience the ideal blend of cutting-edge design, versatility, premium quality, and effortless maintenance with Ornare acrylic panels.

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