Adaptable, practical hardware from Ozone

Ozone Overseas is known for its commitment to providing holistic hardware and security solutions that are dedicated to creating practical and adaptable solutions for builders, architects, interior designers, and fabricators.

The company has created a diverse portfolio of over 5,000 products that offer industry-standard solutions and plays on colours, different finishes, and customisation as per market requirements.

It supports the industry by offering a versatile/diverse range, that incorporates cutting-edge technologies, backed by continuous quality checks. These steps have helped optimise workflows, increase productivity, and achieve successful outcomes.

The brand places emphasis on thoughtful product design by prioritizing simplicity and practicality and create user-friendly and adaptable products that effectively align with real-world requirements.

Ozone boasts a well-curated product range that caters to a diverse audience, including architects, interior designers, fabricators and carpenters. This versatility extends across key infrastructure areas such as glass fittings, railings, shower enclosures, and security solutions, enabling users to efficiently tackle a wide array of tasks, ultimately saving time and effort.

The company recognises the importance of customization and offers tailored solutions for various products, including shower enclosures, glass partition systems, glass railing systems, and kitchen and furniture fittings. This flexibility enables customers to adapt products according to their unique requirements, addressing different hardware and construction challenges effectively.

Ozone’s commitment to continuous improvement sees an active collaboration and feedback-seeking to ensure its product offerings align with evolving needs.



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