Feature-packed Optimus machines give you the edge

Jai Industries offer an unparalleled array of products that include woodworking and panel processing machinery and electric motors. It is well known for its engineering quality, technology and innovation.

Its range of machines are products of R&D backed, high-end precision engineering and have the best possible features and are made of the topmost quality material and components. All the products are backed by dedicated service and guidance. Its machines are specifically produced to suit Indian working conditions that ensure performance and operating comfort.

The Optimus series comprise a range of solid wood machinery in the premium segment and have high-end features that are specially developed for units engaged in solid wood-craft business.



OptiBore 6.12

This is a 6 Side CNC Boring machine equipped with a is a Routing Center Bar code reader.

Salient Features

•        Finishes six sides boring and top/bottom routing or grooving operation in one operation full automatically.

•        Sturdily built heavy-duty machine to suit Indian working condition for precise boring and routing application.

•        High-performance machine with high feeding speed resulting in more production.

•        Structure is made after annealing aging treatment for long term stability.

•        Upper spindle equipped with saw blade for horizontal slot.

•        Two panels mirror processing can be done simultaneously.

•        Two bottom spindles for two types of milling work in one process.

•        All 3 spindles with 6 kw.

•        Grippers are controlled by servo motors for high accuracy.

•        Intelligent auto side aligner tightly positions the board from the side to ensure precise gripping.

•        Air tank provided for stable pressure during working.

•        Processing files can be uploaded automatically by scanning bar code and generating NC program for processing.

•        Supporting DXF file from CAD Software.

•        Ensuring longer machine life, safe operation, reduced unscheduled downtime and more economical operation costs.

•        Low maintenance machine, easily available cost-effective spares, best service support.


OptiCut 2.9 (auto)

This is a high-speed Beam Saw equipped with optimization software, label printer and air floating table.       

Salient Features

•        Robust, balanced, fast & heavy duty saw carriage unit with servo motor that ensure maximum stability. Specially designed technologies to guarantee precision & rigidity.

•        Constant high performance in industrial continues production.

•        Cutting optimization software is simple to use & gives precise operation with maximum productivity.

•        Steel ball air floating table, avoiding scratches on board, and assuring smooth board movement.

•        Pneumatic side aligner, integrated with the saw carriage, can perfectly align given thin or flexible panel, reducing cycle cutting time.

•        Intelligent lifting of saw blade up to 100 mm.

•        Minimum panel size 30 x 50 mm can be cut.

•        Saw carriage speed can be adjusted from 0 - 100 m / minutes

•        Independent motors for main saw and scoring.

•        Easy change of saw blades.

•        Automatic lubrication system ensures efficient operation and increase life of parts.



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