Unicol celebrates factory expansion

Unicol Srl, a leading adhesives manufacturing and exporting company in Italy, recently organised an exclusive event at its state-of-the-art factory in Fontanelle. The event attracted special guests from various corners of the globe, including esteemed distribution partners, reliable suppliers, top-tier machine manufacturers, and close friends of the company.

The open house provided an excellent opportunity for guests, including Amit Sheth and Tejash Mujmudar of Total Tools (India), to gain valuable insights into Unicol’s operations, witness the company’s cutting-edge manufacturing processes, and engage in productive discussions with the company’s key stakeholders.

Unicol recently upgraded its factory, adding two automated silos, extruders and a robotic warehousing system, and making significant investments in the R&D team. These allow Unicol to respond rapidly to customer requests for customised products.



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