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The experience of Taiwanese machinery and tools manufacturers at IndiaWood 2024 (Bengaluru) was encouraging. We asked some participants what they see in the Indian market, and how anybody in India could easily connect with them for solutions. Excerpts:


The Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Association, an apex industry entity, feels that India is fast turning into a global manufacturing base for different industries. The demand for furniture is increasing tremendously due to enormous housing and commercial construction projects.

India remains in a good position of not only supplying the exporting market but also its huge domestic demand, and that is why furniture manufacturing will be booming every year in India.

The Taiwanese woodworking machinery sector offers a compelling combination of quality, innovation, cost-effectiveness and support, making it a worthwhile option for Indian buyers looking to invest in reliable equipment for their woodworking factories.

It is high-quality machinery with precision engineering, and often meets international standards and offers reliable performance. With innovation and continuous improvement in machinery design and technology, Taiwan’s woodworking machinery products are efficient, durable and incorporate the latest advancements in the industry.

While Taiwanese machinery may not always be the cheapest option, the TWMA clarifies, it often offers a good balance of quality and price. Buyers can get high-quality machinery at competitive prices, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run due to its durability and performance.

Taiwanese manufacturers offer a wide range of woodworking machinery to suit different needs and budgets. Whether buyers are looking for basic equipment or advanced solutions, they can find suitable options from Taiwanese manufacturers.

Moreover, Taiwanese manufacturers typically provide excellent customer support and after-sales service, ensuring that buyers have access to maintenance, repairs and spare parts when needed.

If anybody is interested in more information, s/he can contact the TWMA by writing to


Holytek Industrial Corp.

The Indian furniture manufacturing sector holds a promising outlook, characterised by continuous expansion in both export and domestic market sizes, indicating significant future prospects. This growth presents a favourable opportunity for Holytek to capitalise on.

Throughout years of engagement with buyers in India, Holytek has encountered various challenges and benefits. Indian buyers typically segment the market based on quality and price preferences. While Taiwanese woodworking machinery emphasizes quality, Chinese machinery competes primarily on price.

Holytek has persistently introduced high-quality woodworking machinery to India, prompting buyers to make direct comparisons and recognize the substantial quality differences. Over time, an increasing number of buyers have acknowledged the importance of investing in quality production equipment, leading to the expansion of their production lines with Holytek machinery.

For interested buyers seeking more information, contacting Holytek or its representative in India can be facilitated through increased exposure across various media platforms, including magazine advertisements, exhibitions, and marketing activities.

Holytek has dedicated efforts to establish a strong brand image through these channels. Crucially, the company prioritizes delivering high-quality machines and top-notch after-sales service to support buyers in maximizing their production capacity and reducing labour and material consumption costs.


Arden Precision Technology Co.

Arden Precision views the Indian furniture manufacturing sector with optimism due to its rapid economic growth and large demand. However, it is crucial to also focus on product quality to enhance production efficiency. Arden prides itself on being a reliable provider of quality products.

For Indian buyers, Arden offers a range of machines and products, with a particular emphasis on router bits for the furniture manufacturing industry and woodworking. The company aims to establish partnerships with woodworking dealers in India to act as their agents.

Interested buyers seeking more information can visit Arden’s website at


E-Chain Machinery Co. 

E-Chain Machinery feels the Indian furniture manufacturing sector, along with other wood-related industries, is a very vibrant and strong source of demand for quality machinery. They emphasize the importance of providing reliable and economically priced machinery that delivers significant value to buyers. This focus on the Indian market has been a priority for E-Chain Machinery for over a decade.

For Indian buyers, E-Chain Machinery recommends their double-end tenoner. This machine offers maximum productivity for edge processing, including sizing, chamfering, profile moulding, sanding, and drilling on two sides of every workpiece simultaneously.

Interested buyers can write to, or visit the website


Excellent Machinery Industrial Co.

Excellent Machinery observes that in the Indian market, solid wood furniture is not yet predominant, with most furniture being panel-based. However, there are competitive opportunities for Taiwan in the segment of solid wood equipment, particularly with a focus on customization and high production capacity while maintaining competitive unit costs.

For Indian buyers, Excellent Machinery recommends their copy shaper and auto dovetail tenoner, as well as various turn-key projects. More detailed information can be obtained by emailing:


Goodtek Machinery Co.

Goodtek Machinery sees India’s furniture manufacturing industry as a promising market in both the short and long term, with a bright future ahead. The Indian market benefits from a large demographic dividend and low-cost labour force, which positions it to potentially replace China as the world’s factory for the furniture industry.

Indian furniture manufacturers with export orders need high-quality machines and are inclined to purchase European and Taiwanese machines. Interested buyers can go to our official website,, or write to


Innovator Machinery Co.

Innovator Machinery expects that the demand from the local Indian market will rise in the coming years, and exports will continue to grow in the future. They specialise in veneer equipment and recommend that Indian buyers choose their longitudinal veneer splicer and single knife veneer guillotine. These machines can significantly enhance the production and efficiency of factories. Interested buyers can send their inquiries via the company’s website:


Powermax Machinery Co.

Powermax Machinery has a cautious outlook towards the Indian furniture manufacturing sector, noting a decline in the sales volume of woodworking machines, which may indicate challenges in the industry.

For Indian buyers, Powermax Machinery recommends their wide belt sander and wide belt planer sander, which are essential for efficient woodworking processes.

Interested buyers can contact Powermax Machinery through Woodtech Consultants Pvt. Ltd. via email at More information is also available on their website at



Technik Associates

Technik Associates notes that India’s economy has transitioned to a mixed income developing social market economy with a notable public sector presence in strategic sectors. The economic growth rate has been maintained at 7% in recent years, which presents promising growth opportunities for the Indian furniture industry.

For Indian buyers, Technik Associates recommends their Hipoint automatic edge banding machines. They have been producing these machines for over 35 years.

The soft forming edge banding machine model SD-700A is particularly suitable for banding both straight and soft-formed inlay profiles with PVC, melamine, and veneer in coil edging material. This machine is widely used for tabletops, closet doors, drawer panels, and similar applications.

For further information on the company’s products, email, or visit


Yow Cherng Machinery Co.

Yow Cherng Machinery views the Indian furniture manufacturing sector as being in a developmental stage with significant potential for future growth and emergence as a prominent market.

For Indian buyers, Yow Cherng Machinery suggests considering their range of machinery to enhance production capacity and efficiency while reducing reliance on manual labour. They recommend starting with NC machines and then progressing to CNC machines.

Interested buyers can contact Yow Cherng Machinery through their India representative, Bengaluru-based Woodtech Consultants, or email their agent Prime Solwood India at


SK Global Co.

SK Global sees a promising future for the Indian furniture manufacturing sector, driven by urbanisation, rising incomes, and increased demand for residential and commercial spaces. The sector’s focus on quality, design, and sustainability, alongside technological advancements, sets the stage for further growth both domestically and internationally.

SK Global specializes in automation within the woodworking machinery field. They offer customized machinery tailored to individual needs, including integration with various material handling processes controlled by PLC and PC.

Additionally, the company provides turnkey solutions such as automation lines for glue-laminated timber and carbonised charcoal plants.

From initial design to installation and ongoing after-sales support, SK Global ensures a seamless experience for its customers, offering remote troubleshooting and assistance to address any issues promptly.

Interested buyers can write to, or visit their website


Tong Fong Cutters Co.

Tong Fong holds a positive outlook for the Indian furniture manufacturing sector, recognizing India’s population advantage as a potential driver for substantial market growth in the future.

For Indian buyers seeking woodworking solutions, Tong Fong offers a diverse range of woodworking cutters to cater to various needs and requirements. Interested buyers can visit, or email



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