Veined marble coatings from ICA

Materials are essential elements of interior decoration, but there is a growing tendency to reproduce them with coating products. The use of textured finishes creates a striking impact and lends itself to the most creative applications.

Among them is the marble effect, for which the ICA’s R&D laboratory has developed a series of colours that blend in optimally with the interior design, or only with certain details, or even with entire furnishing elements, giving rise to extraordinary combinations with lacquered and transparent finishes.

The developed cycles entail an extremely versatile spraying application phase and stimulate the creativity of designers, thanks to their decidedly elegant visual impact.

The veined marble effect is only one of the many marble varieties that can be reproduced with ICA coatings. Its veins can assume different shades and colours each time, yielding results that are often unique.

These applications can be personalised to the utmost degree to obtain ever-changing effects, just like natural marble, which would otherwise not be possible with other types of processes, such as printing on roll paper.

It reproduces to perfection the beauty of natural stone, featuring numerous creative solutions, including unique effects in an endless variety of colours. It can be extensively personalised with results that change every time.

These coatings are suitable for application on flat surfaces made of wood, glass and plastic; and offer excellent resistance to light of the various colours applied.

Technical data

•        One or more coats of white polyurethane base coat

•        Drying time of 6 hours at room temperature

•        Sanding with 320-grain sandpaper

•        White or pigmented matt polyurethane coating OP400IT/ – 120-140 g/m2

•        Drying time of 12/24 hours at room temperature

•        Sanding with 400-grain sandpaper

•        INV273 walnut and INV270 black (or sample colours) antiqued patinas applied alternately

•        Faded effect on the entire surface in a non-uniform way

•        Drying time 5-10 minutes at ambient temperature (relative humidity strictly not exceeding 70%)

•        Removal with D1016, which almost washes the surface

•        Drying time of 1-2 hours at room temperature

•        Glossy (or matt) transparent acrylic finish

These finishes leave ample room for imagination and the possibility of experimenting with an endless variety of different effects.



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