Giardina unveils new coating solutions

Giardina Group participated in the 2024 edition of Xylexpo, demonstrating the Italian group’s desire to maintain its focus on the domestic market. It demonstrated its mastery in the finishing sector with a series of live demos in cooperation with several paint manufacturers, including well-known companies like Sirca, Icro Coatings, ICA and Renner Italia.

In the spotlight was the well-established and patented Rolltech Flexi, a roller coater created following 4 years of extensive research and testing that have resulted in the development of an extremely sturdy and versatile solution, capable of responding to market needs with a series of innovative technical solutions.

It is a machine designed and built to apply UV and conventional primers on 3D surfaces, which has also proved to be an excellent solution for the application of special coating cycles on flat surfaces.

Also, on display was Dualtech 400, an automatic spraying machine with two reciprocating arms and paper belt. It is the epitome of the group’s expertise and comprehensive catalogue of solutions in this specific segment of the coating industry.

In the field of edge and profile sanding, Giardina presented the Destefani MVT-3000 edge sander, in a configuration that has been gaining considerable popularity recently, thanks to its ability to fulfil precise user requirements.

Showcasing the company’s focus on the important question of drying was the UV-Tech GST oven, a new UV-LED oven, which is based on technology that the group is developing.

Efforts to reduce mercury lamps are shifting manufacturers’ attention to other energy sources, and in these applications LED lamps can be an excellent solution.



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