Cefla powers Global Design to the big league

With more than 20 years’ experience, Global Design is a key player in Romania’s furniture market. The company produces and markets furniture and furniture components nationwide, serving both small-scale producers and industrial customers.

It defines itself as the ideal partner for personalised and made-to-measure furnishing solutions, ensuring optimal delivery times and an excellent price-quality ratio.

In Cefla Finishing, Global Design found the perfect partner, allowing it to grow and position its innovative products on the market. To meet the far-ranging needs of that market – made up of both small businesses and large companies – it was essential to acquire technologies that allow highly flexible production.

The first industrial coating system supplied by Cefla proved to be a huge leap forward for the company and allowed it to switch from manual, small-scale processes to automated ones suited to the production of batches small and large.

Excimer drying technology didn’t just deliver flexibility, it also meant Global Design could offer products with better surface performance, creating a unique competitive advantage.

New goals

What was Global Design’s approach to its future? The company immediately focused on innovation and flexibility, key concepts that became tangible parts of the new finishing plant.

The driving force was innovation: Gabriel Nimitan, Technical Director of Global Design, points out: “Thanks to team work with Cefla, we’ve succeeded in internally developing unrivalled lacquered panel production technology,”

Furthermore, flexibility has guided the entire design of the new plant, yielding results that are unprecedented in Romania. “Today we have the only technology in Romania capable of delivering maximum flexibility,” he observed.

Thanks to the technology, the company can process 12,000 panels a day in a wide range of decorations, sizes, shapes and models. Productivity is ultra-high, as is the variety and manufacturing flexibility provided to their customers.

Efficiency, customisation

While the company has grown considerably thanks to investment in technology, the outstanding flexibility of Cefla-supplied solutions has allowed it to continue providing customers with a made-to-measure service. This has expanded the range of finishes and removed production limits.

It has also strengthened a core element of Global Design’s business: consultancy and design. But which technologies have allowed this combination of customisation and efficiency?

Firstly, those that minimise machine downtimes related to maintenance and colour changeovers. Having to stop the line to produce numerous customised small batches can have a huge impact on manufacturing efficiency. This is why optimising the colour changeover process was crucial to obtaining a flexible, efficient line.

The solutions delivered to Global Design include iBotic, a Cartesian coating robot with interpolated axes, perfect for high output capacities and maximum quality. What makes iBotic special is that it can work simultaneously on pieces of different shapes and thicknesses, with the conveyor either at a standstill or moving, in tracking mode.

Surface durability

In 2021, Global Design decided to expand its range by introducing matt finishes with a soft-touch feel that offers exceptionally high surface resistance to scratching and wear, launching Ifinit-Mat on the market.

The finishing line was therefore upgraded with the ExyDry Excimer oven. This solution adopts new, patented, sustainable drying technology, which ensures a finish with outstanding aesthetics and durability and is also suitable for 3D surfaces, such as shaped panels.

The alliance between Global Design and Cefla Finishing was crucial to the success of the new production line. Global Design fully believed in its partnership with Cefla, seeing the perfect partner with which to achieve their quality, reliability and productivity goals.

A key factor in this partnership was the prompt assistance provided every step of the way: from the initial design of the new plant to its implementation, from technical support to training.

The results

In just a few years Global Design has grown from a small-scale workshop into a full-blown factory with a floor space of over 30,000 square metres. Cutting-edge industrial processes and advanced technology have made it a key player in Romania’s furniture industry, a company renowned for quality, reliability and price competitiveness.

Every great company is defined by crucial moments that shape its history. In the case of Global Design, one of these key moments occurred in 2010, when the company was invited to attend an event at Cefla’s headquarters in Imola.

The visit to the Cefla Finishing Lab was a pivotal moment that shaped its future. The Lab is a facility dedicated to studying machines, experimenting with new solutions, performing productivity tests and calculating the return on investment of finishing processes.

The Lab is the ideal place to develop innovative, customised solutions for each company, ensuring excellent results. Here, you can observe Cefla Finishing machines in action while designing complete processes.



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