Felder India organises Technology Days

Felder India recently concluded its highly anticipated Technology Days events, held at the Mumbai headquarters and at its Noida and Bengaluru Experience Centers. The events attracted a large turnout and garnered enthusiastic feedback from customers and woodworking professionals.

Attendees in Mumbai experienced Felder‘s latest innovations in woodworking technology through live demonstrations, hands-on sessions and expert consultations. This immersive event provided valuable insights into the cutting-edge machinery and tools transforming the woodworking industry.

Participants witnessed the power and precision of over 20 Felder machines in action. The hands-on sessions allowed attendees to engage directly with the latest tools and technologies, while expert consultations offered valuable insights from industry leaders, including the Imos team, tool suppliers, and raw material providers.

The event also facilitated ample networking opportunities, enabling professionals and enthusiasts to connect and share their passion for woodworking and maintain a high level of engagement and exploration of the latest advancements in woodworking technology.

Attendees had the opportunity to experience the precision and power of Felder machines first-hand. They engaged directly with the latest woodworking tools and technologies through hands-on sessions, which allowed them to gain practical insights and understanding.

Apart from collaborations with the Imos team, tool suppliers and raw material providers, these events facilitated networking opportunities, helping woodworking professionals and enthusiasts to connect, exchange ideas and share their passion for the craft.



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