Brazed pre-milling cutters from Leitz

The process of edge banding can often encounter challenges if not executed with precision. The initial sawing process can leave the edges of the work piece rough, uneven, or marred with imperfections, adversely affecting the final product’s appearance and quality.

Without proper edge preparation, the adhesion of edge banding material can be compromised, leading to buckling or deformation of the tape during application, resulting in a subpar finish. Addressing these issues typically requires significant manual intervention that hampers productivity.

Brazed pre-milling cutters, however, provide an effective solution to these challenges, offering several benefits for edge banding applications. Constructed with high-quality poly-crystalline diamond tips, these cutters are designed for longevity and resistance to wear, even under heavy usage.

After preparation with brazed pre-milling cutters, the adhesive can spread uniformly, ensuring a robust bond between the edge banding tape and the work piece.

Additionally, the zero joint technology integrated into these cutters ensures a seamless joint between the edge banding material and the workpiece, further enhancing the final product’s quality.

Although the initial investment in brazed pre-milling cutters may be higher than other cutters, their durability and efficiency translate to long-term cost savings. This is achieved by minimizing the need for frequent replacements and reducing downtime.

Brazed pre-milling cutters are notable for their single-piece construction, which enhances edge quality and consistency. They are typically ready-to-use out of the box, saving time during tool changes and setup.

The diamond tips are brazed at alternate shear angles on the cutter-block, ensuring tear-free jointing edges and cutting surfaces. They also feature a low-noise design with up to a 5 dB(A) noise reduction and highly efficient chip collection (over 95%) due to DFC technology pioneered by Leitz.

These cutters can be resharpened 4-5 times, and their poly-crystalline diamond tips offer ten times the lifespan of other cutting materials such as tungsten carbide while providing numerous benefits, including reduced maintenance, high-quality finishes, longer lifespan, consistent performance, improved productivity, and cost-effectiveness.



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