Mitol launches Vision Line adhesives

Mitol: Pioneering Excellence in Adhesive Manufacturing

With a history spanning over 75 years, Mitol has solidified its position as a reliable presence in the European adhesive manufacturing sector. Established in 1947 in Sežana, Slovenia, Mitol’s journey has seen it expand its reach across 40 countries, garnering recognition for its commitment to delivering top-notch adhesive products.

A  Proud Member of the Soudal Group

Mitol’s integration into the esteemed Soudal Group in 2017 marked a significant milestone in its trajectory. Becoming a part of the Soudal Group, Europe’s largest independent manufacturer of sealants, adhesives, and polyurethane foam, was a strategic move that amplified Mitol’s market position. Soudal, founded in 1966 by Vic Swerts, remains a family-run company with production facilities independent from large multinationals. This integration has enabled Mitol to benefit from Soudal’s rich legacy of expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, maintaining a steadfast focus on long-term growth and innovation.

Market Segments and Industry Applications

Catering to a diverse array of market segments, Mitol predominantly serves the industrial sector, which comprises over 90% of its customer base, alongside professional applications, and DIY enthusiasts. Mitol’s adhesive solutions find versatile applications across various industries, including woodworking (solid wood processing, 3D lamination, profile wrapping, flat lamination, edgebanding, and doweling & frame bonding processes), paper & packaging (packaging, paper bags, cardboard laminating, and

labeling applications), and assembly (assembling sandwich panels, HVAC systems, mattresses & pocket springs, mobile unit floor coverings, and polyester

textile straps).

Product Range by Chemistries

Mitol offers a comprehensive product range spanning various chemistries to meet diverse industry needs:

•        Hot melt adhesives

•        Dispersion adhesives

•        Reactive (PU) adhesives

Mitol Brands

Mitol boasts a portfolio of renowned brands, including:

•        Termokol PUR

•        Epokol

•        Mitomont

•        Parketolit

•        Mitosol

•        Mitosil

•        Mekolit

•        Termokol Ultra

•        Mitofleks

•        Cianokol

•        Urokol

•        Termokol

•        Mekol

•        Mitopur

A Commitment to Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of Mitol’s operations. With a team of highly skilled professionals, including a notable percentage with PhDs, Mitol invests significantly in research and development endeavours to continuously enhance its product offerings. The company boasts an extensive portfolio of over 500 active formulations tailored to diverse industry requirements.

Introducing the VISION LINE Adhesives

Mitol’s latest innovation, the VISION LINE adhesives, exemplifies the company’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and performance. Designed to meet the needs of various market segments, including industry, professional, and DIY, the VISION LINE adhesives offer unparalleled benefits for manufacturers seeking efficiency, quality, and sustainability. Opting for Mitol’s VISION LINE adhesives unlocks a host of benefits, including enhanced product safety, sustainability leadership, improved recyclability, higher quality standards, reduced energy consumption, and superior workplace safety measures. Additionally, Mitol holds the ISCC PLUS Certificate for the production and distribution of sustainable adhesives.

The Mitol Partnership Advantage

Mitol goes beyond product excellence to offer personalized partnerships, providing tailor-made solutions, direct access to R&D and technical teams, comprehensive testing capabilities, and flexible delivery options.

Mitol’s legacy of tradition and innovation continues to shape the adhesive manufacturing landscape. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and sustainability, Mitol remains the preferred partner for industrial manufacturers seeking superior adhesive solutions.



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