Hettich digital helpers transform workshops

Hettich is taking the next to digital transformation in the cabinet maker‘s workshop, linking its process technology with digital services, assembly aids in 3D printing and augmented reality.

At Interzum 2023, it showed how digital capabilities can be used to benefit assembly machinery and shape it up for the future.

Its open AR (augmented reality) app uses a smartphone or tablet to search for problems in the machine and rectify faults. What might sound a long way off is already successful practice in many industries and the possibility of AR will soon be part of the standard workshop lineup.

Today, drilling and insertion machines from Hettich‘s BlueMax series belong to the equipment base in many workshops. Precision, ease of handling, safety and a needs-based product range speak in favour of these firm favourites.

Users can now discover a very helpful feature even as early as getting started: every machine comes with a QR code that takes them directly to the Hettich Technical Assistant.

It not only assists with installing and setting the machine, this digital helper also comes with other tools that aid the assembly process users benefit from even easier operation and immediate assistance with application-related questions.

The digital assistant also provides up-to-date videos on the correct way to start up an assembly machine as well as on using it in the workshop. Machines already on the market are simply “upgraded“ with the QR code in the form of a sticker.

Cabinet makers were able to experience AR in practice and on an actual BlueMax machine, Hettich‘s assembly experts showed what processing will look like in the future with the aid of a tablet and dedicated AR app. The user will benefit from intuitive guidance – from getting started to straightforward application assistance.

Hettich demonstrated the flexibility with which assembly machinery can be supplemented with digital peripherals, while also producing jigs in reality. These little tools and drilling jigs are key to machining furniture quickly and easily. In future, the data needed will also be made available for downloading.

Home office

Exciting furniture ideas and innovative fitting solutions were on display, and  ideas and suggestions on ways of giving office and home working furniture a look for boosting work motivation and productivity were showcased by Hettich.

This means home working furniture must permit an ergonomically sound and healthy working style, while at the same time integrating into the home environment. Ideally after work, furniture should transform into living space furniture, making it possible to switch off and relax.

Hettich’s modern bureau interpretation can do precisely this. It hides away an entire homeworking facility, including height adjustable Steelforce desk. This can be rolled out into any space, positioned wherever chosen and set to a height for working at with every ergonomic benefit.

The fold-open bureau‘s interior also comes with all sorts of options for storing technical equipment and office materials. At the end of the working day, the mobile desk returns to its parked position, leaving the unit to close its doors again and become a space-saving piece of furniture.

Steelforce gives carpenters and furniture manufacturers a comprehensive range of height-adjustable desk support frames to let them create individually tailored workplace solutions.

Hettlock Bluetooth gives staff access to this personal storage space by smartphone, NFC chip or, by way of option, also by numerical code or fingerprint. The electronic lock makes it easy to manage user rights.

The new “roominspirations“ website provides the option of delving more deeply into the new work theme world, or of searching specifically for solutions by category.



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