WOFX 2023 attracts 12,000 buyers

Over 3 days of vibrant networking, cutting-edge innovations, and deals forged from across borders, World Furniture Expo 2023 (WOFX) solidified its position as the ultimate catalyst for the Indian furniture and design industry. 

Organised from 28-30 November at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, the Expo was a platform that connected Indian professionals with industry leaders and global innovators. Attracted by over 200 brands and exhibitors from more than 13 countries, over 12,052 buyers from 20 countries and from 22 states of India visited the event.

Domestic and international buyers were presented with the latest international trends, technologies, and design inspirations, while suppliers from over 13 nations – Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Bangladesh, France, Italy and India – connected with industry professionals, furniture businesses, sourcing professionals and realtors to capitalize on India’s booming market.

Insightful seminars like ‘Business Pulse’ offered strategic guidance, while ‘Design Talk’ delved into cutting-edge innovations like AI-driven design and paperless design with BIM.

The seminar on ‘BIS Certifications’ discussed the latest regulations for manufacturing and importing. These sessions equipped attendees with the knowledge and inspiration to push the boundaries of the industry.

The Expo has been supported by key industry trade bodies including the Association of Furniture Manufacturers & Traders, Retailers Association of India, Council of Architecture, Institute of Indian Interior Designers and Purchasing Professional Forum of India.

With its dynamic networking opportunities, insightful knowledge sharing, and commitment to innovation, it has ignited a global buzz and proven itself as the bridge between the present and the future of furniture and design.



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