Yow Cherng: re-starting strong in 2023

In the Indian market, which has steadily been evolving from handcrafted furniture workshops to industrialised factories using semi-automated machinery is picking on the trend.

Based on Yow Cherng’s observation in the past 19 years, the current demand for their entry-level mortising and tenoning machinery, YRT-115 and YOM-120, is slowly taking over the manpower, due to the gap in experienced craftsmen and the huge demand for furniture.

To assist local manufacturing and offer machinery with stable and high performance, the YRT-115 series produces different tenons with simple settings, which goes along with the YOM-120 series for various mortise shapes.

To support all customers with full after-sale services in India, reach out to Yow Cherng’s long-term partner, Woodtech Consultants.

At Wood Taiwan, Yow Cherng Machinery Co. is displaying the newly developed T43 cabinet door tenon series machine. The double-end forming is performed simultaneously with edge trimming and cutting.

The machine is equipped with a stacked feeding-in loader with an automatic work piece feed and return device. Check it out in Booth No. K0828.




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