‘Power lies in simple solutions’: Ales Houfek

Houfek a.s. is a worldwide supplier of metal and woodworking machines, based in the Czech Republic. On the eve of IndiaWood 2024, the company owner, Ales Houfek, spoke with WoodNews. Excerpts:

Houfek2: Houfek’s 8,000th belt sander ready for despatch to a German client in 2023.

Houfek is a well-known machinery brand in Europe. Could you give us a brief history of your company?

Houfek was founded in 1991. It has been on the world market for 33 years. Since the beginning, it has been manufacturing woodworking machines. In 2007, the production of CNC machining centres was also launched.

Czechia is an industrial powerhouse and expert in metallurgy. How has this helped your company’s engineering capabilities and products?

Yes, in the former Czechoslovakia, industrial production had been developing since the beginning of the 20th century. It was mainly the production of machinery, transport equipment and products for the electrical industry. We have fully built on this tradition in engineering by designing and manufacturing machines in our production plant.

What is the range of your products in the woodworking sector?

Our product range includes a wide range of woodworking machines and metal grinding machines. Recently, the division of CNC machining centres has also been developed, both for wood machining and for machining plastics, composites and aluminium alloys.

What differentiates your products from machinery suppliers in the rest of Europe and the Americas?

We try to follow the traditions of Czechoslovak engineering, especially the robustness and rigidity of the machines, simple operation and modern design.

You say your motto is ‘Power is in simple solutions’. Can you elaborate?

Yes, simple solutions increase the reliability of our machines and reduce the demands on machine operators. Here I would use another motto: ‘To design and manufacture a simple and fully functional thing is quite a   complex  task’.

More than 70% of your company’s production is exported. What are these markets?

Since the Czech Republic is a  relatively small market, our company has been trying to export its products all over the world since its foundation. The largest market is Germany, followed by other markets such as the UK, France, Poland, Australia, USA, etc. In total, our company exports to 46 countries worldwide.

What is your reading and opinion of the India market?

Our company sees the India market as one with great potential for the future. India is the country with the largest population in the world. Foreign capital is flowing into your country, and the private business of your people is developing dynamically.   All this gives great potential for the future.

Which of your products are available in India? Who have been your prominent buyers here?

Of our product line, the most widely used in the Indian market are the wide belt grinders for wood and metal.  These machines are designed for grinding of plate materials.

How has your collaboration with Arnavi Machines progressed? What is your system of after-sales service and trouble-shooting in India?

Ours is a collaboration for the future! It has been an exciting ride to say the least. Working in partnership, both companies have risen to the project challenges that have been thrown up.

Due to the meticulous planning, there have been very few issues, which is evidence of the hard work both teams have put in. It also underlines the fact that with Arnavi Machines we have a committed partner for the long term.

The result of this teamwork is clear to see; we have a facility that will support the growth of the business for many years to come.

When it comes to after sales support, we have factory trained engineers stationed at Arnavi Machines ready to support you in all aspects, be it repair of your machine, training your operators or helping in application of the machine.

There is a dedicated line for service support which is accessible 6 days a week.   If necessary, we try and reach your place within 24 hours of the service request.

Are there plans to introduce new products at IndiaWood?

We at Houfeek would like to introduce two new lines of machines: the wide belt sander, Buldog 7 1100, and wide belt sander Buldog 7 1300. The machine development is based on successful series Buldog 5, which proved to be successful with customers worldwide.

The machines, with their construction and options, are designed for high demand operation during the sanding of massif, veneer surfaces, MDF or base putties and varnishes.

The permanent desk height enables to use the machine in technological lines. The achieved high quality of grinded surfaces and the level of automated sanding processed rank the machines amongst the higher medium class.

In the year 2020, you sold the 8,000th belt sander: quite an achievement! Are there any other milestones you can talk about?

Yes, more than 8,000 belt sanders for wood and metal have been produced since the beginning of the company until 2020. Also, more than 5,000 wide belt sanders for sanding wood and metal have been produced by 2023. By 2023, 28,500 Houfek machines have been produced, operating on five continents.

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