High-efficiency seasoning plants from TechnoXL

TechnoXL Green Technologies has pioneered the availability and application of energy-friendly green technologies for the wood seasoning industry. The company realises the importance of not only bringing in technologies but also the need to adapt the same to specific user factory situations.

Over the past decade it has focused on providing energy efficient solutions for the wood and bamboo industry, both in India and the neighboring countries.

Equipment categories

•        Seasoning plants and facilities to meet the user location requirements for wood/ timber seasoning;

•        Timber/ bamboo/ air/ gas processing equipment of relevance in these industries;

•        Moisture analysers and gas detectors;

•        Pollution control systems (wherever required);

•        Heat exchangers;

•        Waste heat recovery systems;

•        Electrical heat tracing and heating equipment;

•        Pressurised treatment vessels.

As the timber dries, the air in a conventional system gets humidified and is either vented out in an open system, increasing both the heating load and the cost, or else it is re-circulated, slowing down the moisture evaporation from the timber and resulting in the total seasoning cycle becoming longer and potentially reducing the quality of the seasoned timber.

In this latest seasoning-cum-drying system, the latent heat of the moist hot air is absorbed by liquid refrigerant in the evaporator section and subsequently redelivered to the chamber by air passing through the de-humidifier, where the refrigerant vapour is re-condensed by compression and drained out.

The heat generated in the moving parts of the compressor and fan motor is further added to the chamber air as ‘bonus’ heat and maintains the temperature at a higher level. No additional heat needs to be supplied by the conventional heater, except during initial period of heating cycle and make-up fresh air.

Special features

•        Specially designed chambers to facilitate uniform circulation of air and cyclonic turbulence;

•        Lower power consuming dynamically balancing coaxial-flow fans;

•        Hermetically sealed specially designed finned tubular air heaters;

•        Refrigeration-based humidity controlled de-humidification systems;

•        Automatic control panel-based adjustment of operations;

•        Compact setup: 11 to 14/cubic feet.

•        No requirement of add-ons, such as a steam plant and pollution control;

•        Energy efficient running cost.

Single phase power is the only utility requirement for running TXL wood drying-cum-seasoning systems. These seasoning plants are in demand typically in the capacity range of 350, 750 or 1250 cubic feet per charge – but these can also be customised.



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